SoundYoga & Ceremony

Date: on a regular basis I work together with Yoga Teachers joining Crystal Bowls and Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra or the ancient ritual of cacao drinking. These are powerful combinations that can bring participants deep into themselves, into the body, into deep relaxation and inner silence.

For dates, price and times, please contact me or register directly:

  • 19 January: XXL Yin Yoga & Crystal Bowls (bindi).Amersfoort
  • 16 February in Putten, Yoga Nidra & Bowls (Susen Yoga)
  • 5 April and 7 June in Amersfoort, XXL Yin Yoga & Crystal Bowls (bindi)
  • 21 April in Apeldoorn, Yin & Crystal Bowls (HappyYogi)
  • 25 May in Utrecht, Gentle Yin & Crystal Soundhealing (balanzs)
  • 30 August in Amersfoort, XXL Yin & Crysral Bowls (bindi)
  • 6 December in Amersfoort, XXL Yin & Crystal Bowls (bindi)


Gentle Yin & Crystal Soundhealing

Experience the powerful and magical combination of Yin postures and Alchemy Singing Bowls. We relax, release and recharge by guiding the body into restorative poses and adding the healing effects of the pure sounds of the precious Alchemy bowls for an even deeper experience.

Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga where you can create peace & space within yourself, a benefit for the recovery of the often overstimulated nervous system. The vibrations of the crystal singing bowls quickly calm thoughts and strengthen the effect of the Yin postures, allowing you to relax and let go at a deep level.

A sound bath with the unique and transformative “Alchemy Crystal Bowls” touches you on many levels and your body and mind will naturally slip into a deep and healing relaxation.

  • Introduction / explanation of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls and how sound healing works
  • Gentle and restorative Yin Yoga asanas that we hold for a long time, accompanied by the singing bowls
  • Ending with a long sound bath / savasana with the Alchemy Bowls


  • Bring an extra blanket, cushion for lots of comfort in the poses and the long savasana
  • Warm Socks and trouser/vest for the soundbath/savasana
  • A bottle of water