Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls from Crystal Tones® are of the highest quality, 99.992% pure quartz crystal. Precious stones, minerals and precious metals are fused with quartz to create highly resonant and deeply transforming bowls.

The pure tones canot only be heard but you can also feel them in your body where certain tones touch your energy centers for healing, balance and meditation.

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Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Our human body to our DNA has a crystal structure that resonates with the quartz crystal frequencies. The specific harmonic energy emanating from Crystal Singing Bowls is not only determined by the size and shape of the bowl, but also by the combination of pure quartz with other elements such as precious stones and minerals. The resulting "Alchemy" tones are very special. And in this age of awakening and increasing awareness of frequencies, Crystal Singing Bowls are considered powerful tools for our healing and transformation.

That's why quartz Singing Bowls have become one of the world's most popular sonic agents. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors, Reiki masters, massage therapists and healers integrate Crystal Singing Bowls into their practice. The famous Dr. Mitchel Gaynor uses Crystal Singing Bowls in his oncology practice at the cancer prevention center Strang-Cornell. For centuries, different spiritual traditions have used the power of sound and acknowledge Crystal Singing Bowls as an important means for their healing practices.

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Sound healing

Sound healing dates back to ancient Egypt and its benefits range from deep relaxation to cell repair. The harmonic sounds and vibrations stimulate the brain waves and lead to a deeply relaxed state or meditation. Positive effects can be: reduction of stress and anxiety, strengthening the immune system, improved sleep, a more peaceful state of being, releasing tension, resolving energetic blockages and balancing the chakras.

Sound healing is the use of high vibrating sounds or frequencies. Research has shown that liquids move in specific patterns when sounds are present. Our cells are filled with liquid, our human body consists of 70% water. So sound frequencies affect us on a cellular level. The sound frequencies relax our nervous system and our brain waves and this makes it possible for our body to come into a mode of self-healing. Emotional and energetic blockages may also be released.

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