A Crystal Bowl Soundbath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience in which the participants bathe in the waves of the sounds produced by the Singing Bowls.

The concrete origins of Soundbath and Soundtherapy are not known, but they have been used for centuries for holistic healing methods and have been used in many cultures with the same intention: to bring us back from a place of imbalance to balance and harmony.

read more about the science behind Soundhealing: Click here

Nothing more is needed than formulating an intention, laying down, relaxing and being guided into a deep relaxation where healing can take place.

listen to a short soundbath and get a taste of the sound

significtaly better quality when listening with earphones

For groups @Michaela

I regularly offer a Soundbath at my place. Every time I choose a different composition of Singing Bowls from my wide collection of unique Crystal Singing Bowls.

Maximum number of participants: 4

For groups @your location

It is possible to organize a Soundbath for small and large groups at your location. Depending on the setting, the subject and the group, I bring an aligned selection of my crystal singing bowls.

If you are interested, please contact me at

Soundbath with Crystal Bowls

Yin Yoga & Soundhealing

Being a Yin Yoga teacher I also combine a Yin Yoga session with playing the Crystal Bowls. I am using very gentle, restorative poses to support the unwinding and the regenartyion of the nervous system. This is a powerful combination for stress reduction and regeneration on many levels. PLease check out the agenda for upcoming sessions.

You can also contact me at

Soundbath with Crystal Bowls