My offer

Experience more harmony in your life. Where heart and head work harmoniously together. Body and mind are in coherence.

When this happens, relationships, health and work align with this harmony. Stress recedes. That is my experience.

But how?!
I wondered time and time again. Sometimes 'hard work' seemed to be necessary: sweating in a hot yoga studio or sitting in silence for a week. And sometimes it can be purely the relaxation that leads us to the next level of harmony.

We are usually more stressed than relaxed in our lives and we are busy, very busy. So busy that we are often no longer aware of how busy we are.

"That is why I focus on letting people experience relaxation and becoming more conscious".

Over the past 22 years I have researched, learned and applied many techniques for this, in addition to my HR Manager career. My wish is to share rthis abundance of tools and experiences and to find an individual approach together for more harmony.

When I encountered the Alchmy Crystal Singing Bowls I found them perfect comanions and guides towards relaxation, harmony and higher consciousness.