Find your own Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

If you feel attracted by these special singing bowls, you can purchase your own Crystal Bowl or set from me. I have many tones, sizes and Alchmies available. During a personal appointment I will help you find what suits your wishes and intentions.

Their prices range between 900€ and several thousend €. Most of them are between 1.000€ and 2.000€

If you want to come and experiende the bowls, please contact me.



Starter Package

You can book a customized series of in-person or online sessions to get started with your new bowl(s). Building on the level of expereince and knowledge you have, I will teach techniques, basics about soundhealing with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and how to design a soundbath.


It is ideal to start with a set of 3 bowls like these:

Pure & Balanced Set

the details of each bowl are described below per bowl.