Over Michaela Kress


For over two decades, the whirlwind of a managerial career consumed my days.

My sanctuary? consistent meditation, devoted yoga routines, and rejuvenating in nature and with my animals.


Throughout these years, I delved deep into understanding the relationship between stress, our bodies, and our minds. As my yoga and meditation journey evolved, I discovered a special affinity for the calmer, introspective styles, leading me to specialize as a Yin Yoga teacher.


My path of self-discovery further led me to the mesmerizing realm of Alchemy Crystal Bowls. I fell in love with their beauty, entrancing magic, and profound healing capabilities.


My mission? To be a conduit for others, guiding them to moments of deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace and harmony...and perhaps, together, we can co-create a portion of Heaven on Earth.


"Michaela establishes an open and secure space where I can truly connect with my inner self and the source. Her delicate and precise nature fosters a profound sense of alignment. With her keen, lucid awareness, she captures every nuance, guiding me towards clarity and alignment. Michaela lets healing energies come through purely, without any additions — a pure essence in which I immerse myself." 

  • 25 years of experience with yoga and meditation. Annual participation in workshops and retreats throughout the world
  • Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioner level 1, 2 & 3 (CMA certified)
  • iRest® Level 1 Teacher/  Yoga Nidra (iRest Institute)
  • Certified Yin Yoga Teacher (De Nieuwe Yoga School Amsterdam)
  •  Restorative Yoga Teacher Course
  • Reiki Master (traditional Usui system)
  • Naturopath recognized in Germany ("Heilpraktikerin")
  • Certified mediator
  • Training in horse assisted education