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Yin Yoga and Sound


30.8. and 6.12. in Amersfoort

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3 minutes of Heaven

use earphones! and enjoy!

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21.9. and 15.12. in Den Haag

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Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls from Crystal Tones® are of the highest quality, 99.992% pure quartz crystal. Precious stones, minerals and precious metals are fused with quartz to create highly resonant and deeply transforming bowls.

The pure tones produced by Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body with certain tones  affecting your energy centers for healing, balance and meditation

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Soundbath – deep & enriching inner journey


I had the privilege to enjoy an inner bath with the Crystal Singing Bowls which came to life through your touch. An enriching inner journey going much deeper than I could realize. Thank you  Michaela.


Patrice Nieuwenhuijs, psychosocial therapist

Divine place without worries


I really enjoyed (isn't really the right word for it) your crystal-bowls-healing-soundbath last night. Just before that, I was super hyper from pushing all day to get an important job done from work. I didn't know what happened to me,   it felt (even more strongly than during the ceremony) as if i had been teleported for a light years (did you watch Star Trek too?) somewhere deep in the universe in a place where it feels heavenly with no worries or anything. But once back on Earth, it turned out that only 35 minutes had passed. Afterwards I felt super relaxed as if I had been on vacation for a month. I also felt positive about today (well that was different the past few days).

Marcel, Project Controller

Fine – precise – pure essence

Several times I had sessions with Michaela: with her unique Singing Bowls, as a yoga student and with Reiki energy. Michaela cretaes an open and safe place where it is possible for me to deeply drop into myself and the source. Through her fine and very precise being I felt a strong alignment. 

Michaela encourages to pay attention to the seemingly small nuances in life which in total have a big effect. Thanks to her alert and crystal-clear mind she is noticing everything and that leads me to experience clarity and alignment. Michaela is able to let the healing powers stream through her without adding anything: pure essence in which I then bathe. I thank Michaela for her unconditional work which has helped me significantly forward on my path. Ines Dahlke, www.inesdahlke.de

Touching deeply


The Crystal Bowls, Michaela is playing, have such a special sound: they touch me deeply and I can relax on a deep level. Wonderful!


Heleen Boulens

Even days after the soundbath ~

balance and peace in me

I have attended your singing bowl bath both live and "online" and I am thrilled. During the session, where I listened to the flowing sounds of the different singing bowls, I felt for myself how my body gradually relaxed more and more and my carousel of thoughts became calmer and I could just let myself go. What makes your singing bowl meditation special for me is that hours, even a day or two later, I still notice that there is a different balance and calm in me and that certain tones keep appearing in my perception. I'm already looking forward to the next singing bowl journey.
Thank you very much for that,  Birgit Hoof