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Over Michaela Kress

For 20 years I could only stay in balance in a busy Manager job by regularly meditating, practicing yoga and spending time in nature.

During this time I studied and learned a lot about stress, the body and the mind. In my Yoga pratcice I experienced that softer and slower Yoga forms had an even bigger impact on my wellbeing and I became a Yin Yoga teacher. My latest discovery on the way to even more harmony, balance, flow and awareness are Alchemy Crystal Bowls. I have fallen in love with them. They teach me and they enchant me and others with their beauty, magic and healing.

My wish is to let people experience relaxation and inner harmony.

"Michaela cretaes an open and safe place where it is possible for me to deeply drop into myself and the source. Through her fine and very precise being I felt a strong alignment. Thanks to her alert and crystal-clear mind she is noticing everything and that leads me to experience clarity and alignment. Michaela is able to let the healing powers stream through her without adding anything: pure essence in which I then bathe."

  • 20 years of experience with yoga and meditation. Annual participation in workshops and retreats throughout the world
  • Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioner level 1 and 2 (certified)
  • iRest® Level 1 Teacher/  Yoga Nidra (iRest Institute)
  • Certified Yin Yoga Teacher (De Nieuwe Yoga School Amsterdam)
  • Reiki Master (traditional Usui system)
  • Naturopath recognized in Germany ("Heilpraktikerin")
  • Certified mediator
  • Training in horse assisted education
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